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eddynomic® - Eddy Current Instrument for 
Hardness, Structure, Material Properties Testing

Economical Structure Test Instruments without compromising test sensitivity and test reliability, using:
Preventive Multi-Frequency Testing
  • Only “OK” parts required for calibration
  • 8 test frequencies at every test position, using PMFT
  • Automatic freak recognition
  • Easy to operate, even by semi-skilled personnel
  • High-speed testing within milliseconds
  • Maximum test reliability against unexpected defects
The Inexpensive Test Concept, Impressively Equipped Instruments, Portable

The eddynomic® is a eddy current instrument specifically designed for versatility in production line testing for material mix, heat treatment (hardness, case depth, temper etc.), sinter density and structure variations. And it's portable.

The eddynomic® principle of operation is based on a multi-frequency test to provide a far greater degree of reliability than single-frequency eddy current instruments. Operation is supported by a full on-board computer to simplify calibration and procedures.

Use of leading edge electronic techniques allows extremely short testing times, even with multi-frequency testing. Opto-isolated interfacing integrates the eddynomic® into automatic inspection lines.

Application versatility is an in-built feature with a wide range of accessories available to adapt the instrument to numerous applications. Different mounting arrangements are available.

The Preventive Multi-Frequency Method

During calibration known reference parts are tested over a broad frequency band (1:100 – 1:1000). Typical impedance curves develop which are influenced by various metallurgical characteristics (alloy, structure, etc.). Subsequent sorting decisions on unknown parts dictate that they must meet all and every criteria to be accepted. Deviations are automatically recognized and sorted. Test reliability is significantly higher compared to mono-frequency testing.

Test Routine

Calibration is done with OK parts only, with up to 8 frequencies. Operating procedures from “Calibration” to “Sorting” are extremely simple.


The test parts are sorted into “OK” and “NOT OK”. Test results are displayed by red or green sort indicator lamps. After each test, measured values are statistically evaluated in numerical and percentage form.

Internal Data Storage

Up to 16 possible frequency band combinations may be selected for calibration purposes. The same number of complete set-ups may be stored for future access.

External Data Storage

Permits storage of set-up parameters on external “Memory Plug” (EEPROM) for transfer to other eddynomic® units, simply by plugging in the Memory Plug at the front panel.


The eddynomic® is equipped with a Centronics interface for communication with external printers to provide hardcopy print-outs of test results.

RS232 / V24

An RS232 / V24 interface permits communication with separate main frame computers to perform statistical analysis (SPC) of accumulated date.

Opto Interface

Permits input of external control signals and transfer of sorting decisions to peripheral accessories, For example, starting measurement by light barriers, transfer of sorting decision to sorting gate, visual and acoustic alarm signals.


Suitable coils and probes are available for all applications. Standard transducers cover a wide range of applications. Special coils and probes can be developed for specific frequency ranges and part dimensions.

Enclosure Options

The following enclosures are available for the eddynomic®:

  • desktop P/N 84100
  • rack mount housing P/N 84110
Technical Data
Teet frequency range 5 Hz – 300 KHz
Measuring time 8 msec/frequency (min)
LCD display 24 X 74 mm, background lighting
Microprocessor 16 bit µP for maximum test speed
Interfaces Opto-interface for automation Centronics printer interface RS232 /V24 interface
Mains connection voltage 85-240 Vac. 50/80 Hz
Power requirement 50 VA
Dimensions W 257 X H 147 X D 262 mm (desktop housing)
Weight 5 kg
We reserve the right to alter or amend technical data without prior notice
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